Recycled, no longer a dirty word

I’ve started this blog today because I’m so excited by the opportunities that exist for anyone to use recycled clothing for anything that you want to sew. Sounds easy? It really is, its just a little complicated. 

Lets take a step backwards or maybe more. If you purchase new fabric it is in Canada a cost of at least $9.95 to 23.95 per meter for fair to good quality cotton fabric. This is only cotton. If you  want furry polyester for fleece or wool for a primitive piece you’re going to pay top dollar. But guess what, if you have a local land fill or a transfer station near you, then you are in business.

On my way to work everyday I pass by our local transfer station(TT). What’s a transfer station you might be thinking? Good question. Its a site that is looked after by tax dollars where the really stinky garbage goes into big huge dump truck sized containers and shipped to another location for the dumping into a landfill.

So at our TT a little building was built some decades ago to house the “good used stuff” that people didn’t want anymore. In this shelter, the clothing, shoes, toys, books and etc go there for the taking of anyone coming by the site. This is where I find thousands of dollars worth of clothing that is in fabulous shape, sometimes its new with the tag still on it. I find rayon, cotton, velvet, corduroy, satin and you name it.

I take the clothing home and I wash it all. I always take garbage bags with me because I very rarely come home without anything. I keep everything in the bag on the back porch until I put it directly in the washer. This is preventative of perhaps picking up some sort of clothing bug that is nasty for my household. You know what I mean?

This is where you start. Sound interesting? Keep checking back and lend your own thoughts on how you recycle. I love reading about what other great ideas that people use in recycling.

Check on the link on the left to MEDIA and few my photo’s.


2 thoughts on “Recycled, no longer a dirty word

  1. I came to visit you from Quilting Gallery — I am going through all the BC blogs and being contrary, I started at the bottom… Anyway, I am a dedicated recycler and second hand store shopper — but rarely do garagesales cause it costs far to much in gas to drive around town — BUT, I have never before thought to check out the transfer station! As soon as I am able I will head over that way and see what I can find….

    1. Yes, transfer stations here in the north are stuffed. But the one closest to me in Smithers, is taken and dumped about once a week, so I go often. Good to hear from another recycler. Where are you located roughly?

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