Reconstruction with Textiles

stitcheries-004My class mates are learning new stuff about my reconstruction course I’m writing. I will be so glad to be finished my course load. I fall into bed each night with little tests, curriculum babbles dancing in my head. But it will be worth the effort. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Reconstruction with Textiles

  1. Hi Carli,
    I hear you are swamped! Good for you – learning is so much fun. I mean that- to be taking on new challenges at our/your age is very exciting and courageous.
    Life is busy here with our chickens, yard, garden and kitchen renos. Work is frustrating with lots of changes in the making with finance so everything is in limbo. On the bright side- I do have a pay cheque and a job so I should quit bitching- right?
    Have you by chance run into my sister Penny Llewellyn who works in the college library? She is a quilter! Hang in there!

  2. A brand new college course professionally developed is almost public. I’m very excited to share this knowledge I have. I’ve been reconstructing new items from recycled clothing since the mid a1970’s when I remade pieces of my clothing to extend the life of each article.
    I worked with many fine hand sewers who “taught me up right” and gave me the encouragement to continue. At first it was all utilitarian. I made them by hand because I was barely getting by financially and had to remake clothing if I was to have anything new. By the 1980’s the need had turned a hobby of a serious kind and started making bedding from recycled clothing, selling them in places like Whistler, Granville and Banff.
    Then I fell in love and we began our family…..

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