Stop Buying Things?

What if we all decided to stop buying all sorts of things?

I buy things that mean something to me, that have a value deeper in my life than immediate want. I ask myself, can I do without it? Can I? I mean really, can I go without it one day, one week, a few weeks. If I think about how long I can really go without and I really rationalize that maybe I can live without it another few weeks. Then chances are that I don’t really need it, I just want it.
I tend to restrict the “wants” in my mind. Because the “want” of things is really caught up with emotion, stress, pride or comfort. I choose to curtail the “want” and keep an eye on it, but use judgement of purchases based on immediate need.

What if we did this?

I think that if the whole world did this, it would cause a true explosion of calm, that would trickle around the world. Our world, the global atmosphere that we all live in is screaming for calm. There is just too much going on at the surface of the earth. Everything we do is causing an effect on the earth’s temperature, the surface of the granite and sand or glaciers and it all comes at a price. If we did stop buying things that are really not important as in “need” we’d begin to curb the colossal world “want”. What do you think?

Would we see any difference in the world around us?

Not immediately, but so what, why couldn’t we opt to try this idea? Stop buying things that you can’t justify as a need. Lets see how this could go?

I’m no economist, so this is me thinking and writing out loud to all of you. But I am pretty sure that eventually, the world would have to completely rethink the system of profitability. We’d have to think in terms of what comes before profit? Does this purchase help my local community as a whole? Is this product hurting anyone anywhere? Thinking in terms of pollution, earth crust damage or deep internal damage of our earth. How can we continue to justify the devastation that comes from the plan to build profitability?DSCF0654


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