Needlework Diva’s To the Rescue

Why is this so hard to imagine? If we grow even some of our food we’ll help the world food crisis and provide superior nutrition for our bodies.
When it comes to sustainable sewing projects I have always enjoyed the constant supply of free, cheap or nearly cheap recycled clothing in order to make fun projects. I’ve made whole quilts, shirts, skirts and dresses from other pieces of clothing.

It’s not that hard, just needs lots of practice andSummer Festival a needlework Diva to show you the way.

Keep checking back to learn more.


One thought on “Needlework Diva’s To the Rescue

  1. Hi there, I was just cruising around and finding a few new BC bloggers on the list……. and see that you’ve been busy or preoccupied. I’d love to see what you’ve been doing since the summer. I am teaching a string piecing class to my guild in Jan. Seemed a good topic of reuse, repurpose, make do and feel good in the New year.Only a bit of fabric for the borders has been purchased and all the rest of the 10 class samples is out of my stash ( or even better) out of the scrap bins that threatened to suffocate me.
    Nina M in Powell river

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