Recycled Jean Bags

Using recycled jeans for making all sorts of other projects is a great way to reuse these indispensible items. I cannot remember when I had purchased my first pair, but I do remember that making money in high school from embroidering jeans for people.
I loved it that I could something that other kids my age didn’t know how to do. You know…. so often a young teen will be very capable, but doesn’t get enough encouragement and begins to think they are useless? I was one of those kids. I had learned how to embroider the printed tablecloths as a child, but as the years went by and became interested in boys, my interest waned. I spent more time writing poetry and dreaming about love.
Thank goodness I grew up. I still write poetry but little these days. I tend to spend my time making things, like jean bags and quilts.


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