2010 Spring Break Sewing Camp March 22-24th

Her talent working with students comes from 16 years of working within the BC School System as a Special Education Assistant. Each students supplies for their quilt blocks, batting and backing is hand cut by Carli.

After a short break of snacks, drinks and a mini-quilt show the students gather round for demonstration of sewing machine use and care follows with students taking turns demonstrating what they have learned and are comfortable doing. Learning how to thread the machine, make a bobbin and replace a machine needle are key to successful sewing. Caring for your sewing machine is very important for continued full function of your machine. Repairs cost money needlessly when the skills to trouble shoot are available. Busy sewer’s don’t want to wait for repairs, they figure out their problem and fix it. Beginner sewer’s will learn how to care and use any sewing machine, how to follow sewing machine manual and cleaning as well.
After lunch the students begin sewing the Rail Fence Block pieces together, pressing the seams, not ironing them will solve many a problem. Blocks will start stacking up beside each young sewer to the delight of any student. Sewing is a fast reward for the effort expended. Soon, blocks will begin showing up on the design wall for all to see and discussion of each block’s permanent location is an exercise in balance and visual art.

By the end of the 24th, students will go home with a quilt that they can be proud of and perhaps give birth to a new activity that lasts a lifetime. Quilters and sewer’s alike are not born, they are cultured.

Join us for the camp and give your student a gift of relaxed learning using handwork. Please bring a sewing machine, needles and pins, bobbins, thread and a good pair of small scissors.

Cost is $145 per student contact Carli

250-846-5985 or carlithequilter@gmail.com


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