Bulkley Valley Farmer’s Market-Eco-Crazy Quilter

For the first time, I’ll be attending the BV Farmer’s Market in lovely Smithers, B.C. My booth design for “Eco-Crazy Quilter” has been worked for months, products being created, designs flying around my studio and excitement rising.
I will follow my dream and encourage others to do so as well. I am a hopeful that someone, even its only one person will see the value in “second story products” I will have accomplished something with all the energy expended to promote earth friendly ideas. The products I’ve made come from my soul, my spirit and they are in keeping with all the other vendors that will be at the first market of the on May 9th, 2010 at the site of BV Museum and Smithers Art Gallery.
Located at the 4th traffic light on Hiway 16. Its where I want to be and I know the other vendors are as busy as me in creating interesting, unique, popular and good for you products.
Eco-Crazy Quilter has a unique line of remade clothing for all ages and sizes. My line is called Acarli and yes, its about me. I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be doing what I’m doing these days with earth friendly clothing and quilts. I was the kind of teenager who made money embroidering my friends jeans with pretty flowers, aka pretty hippie flowers.
I thought no more of these skills and talents than I did about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Choices are made and remade as my new mini skirts formed themselves speaking of their “first story life” and they sparkle and shine. Denim bracelets are waiting to be on display, bags are stuffed with eco friendly plastic bags for the fullness factor. My T-shirt quilts are being worked on for clients. I’m collaborating over new designs with partners in cities and I’m happier than ever before. Pop in and say hi on May 9th at the BV Farmer’s Market.


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