Telkwa Country Green Market

Starting May 15th and running until Sept 18th, crafter’s, farmer’s, baker’s, sellers of interesting things will gather on the lawn at the St. Stephan’s Church on Hiway 16 in Telkwa. The market will be open 9 am to 4 pm.
Are you someone who makes lots of things for gifts, then you might be interested to come and join us in the event each Saturday or on the Saturday that works for you.
We support the make, bake or grow principles of farmer’s markets, but with a twist. We are providing education around recycling, make the shift to a thriftier lifestyle and tips on how to do it. If you are someone who lives near Telkwa, in the Bulkley Valley or surrounding region and you are “into” sustainable living, solar power, wind generation power, organic gardening, healthy lifestyle practioner or a weaver, knitter or sewer, call Carli at 250-846-5985


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