Twin Towers & Hemp Experience

I first fell in love with hemp/cotton blends about 8 years ago now. It is quite a story. I had decided to order some 50 yards of hemp/cotton blend fabric. It was to be shipped in a long role covered in packing paper, sent through customs just like any other mail purchase from the US over $50. The shop was in Spokane, WA on Sept. 10, 2001 I made my order.
It was a very hot day in Grand Forks, B.C. Sprinklers were going on as the sub began to slowly die. People surfaced along paths to walk in the cooler evening air of 94 degrees. Our family had been playing with a hose in the late hours of the day, splashing around and being silly. The brilliant sun on a very typical evening of life in small town Canada.
I had a restless night, very hot in bed and couldn’t sleep. I finally really woke up to take a Tylenol for a persistent headache. I wondered around the sleeping house, watching the sun slowly rise in the east. For some very weird reason I decided to turn on the T.V. for the early morning 5 am Good Morning America on cable. This is not something I do normally. I put the sound way down low and watched a bit. I woke with a start to see on the screen a giant plane crash right into a building. I rushed to turn the volume higher, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I watched in horror as the whole event had been captured on live morning news. I think they call it breaking news. I screamed for my family to wake up and see what is happening on the TV. The whole sad, shocking day unfolded in my livingroom, for a few minutes we feared the worse, that WW 111 had erupted on our continent. We began to get worried and my husband, my sons and I sat glued to the T.V. to watch it. Then all that has happened since, its even sadder. Iraq again, war, unrest, nuclear weapons and road side bombs. What a day September 11, 2001 was? It left such sadness and madness.
My order of hemp/cloth had been shipped the day before and became hopelessly detained in customs. It had been opened and resealed again when I finally got the order 4 months later.
I couldn’t really be too upset, the border customs officials must have thought it odd looking, a cylinder shaped roll of fabric could be mistaken for a missile? Right? Its similar to looking for a man with an AK40, who is hooked up to some sort of dialysis machine in the desert? Right? I told you it was a quite a story. Anyone have a similar story that involves hemp/cotton?


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