Quick Quilt for Fun

http://www.canadianliving.com/crafts/sewing/the_group_quilt.php This link above give directions for making something like this one, its not one that I have a pattern for yet. Its in the works. The pattern link above on this page could be a primer for anyone not having tried to reuse any cloth from clothing. I’d use new fabric for the rectangle… Continue reading Quick Quilt for Fun

Recycled Wool Fabric for Primitive Rug Hooking

I’m an experienced quilter and sewer, but  this is my first try with rug hooking. So I started checking around the globe about who was rug hooking and found many interesting sites of new fabric sellers, but no mention to recycling. Sometime ago, I found an article in an old magazine about rug hookers in… Continue reading Recycled Wool Fabric for Primitive Rug Hooking