UFO’s for 2011

Every quilter has more than one project going all the time. Whether its a simple tea towel while hand quilting your last quilt,  you’ve got more than one going at the same time. I’m like this, except, I just realized I let the whole multiple projects get the best of me and all these great quilts were sitting in a bin.

Take for instance this quilt. Its part of a round robin that I participated with several years ago. I did make progress on it, but between surgery and work, the lovely was forgotten in my tops bin. I’m learning that if its not right in front of me that I simply forget and move on to more current projects.

As you can see it going to be a lovely quilt. I’m now onto adding the main border and top details.

This is another lovely that has sat in a bin since 1997. It started out as a Mosaic Tile by Ms. Bissett, a Canadian designer, but along the way, its been modified to suit my style. Later on when its complete, I’ll show you how I modified it.

This little quilt started out as a Fat Quarter Challenge with Trend Tex and Canadian Quilters Assn. These colors were the selection to be used and as you can see I got a little sidetracked! I’m a crazy quilter and love the look and feel of crazy embroidery stitches all over a quilt. Since I’ve begun designing my line of patterns, this elaborate extensive amount of hand embroidery has changed. More on that in another blog.
This gist of this blog start is that I’ve got a bunch of unfinished quilts and I need them to be complete. So this is my resolution for 2011 and  sadly, I’ve counted 11 quilt tops to be completed, so that is 1 per month this year.


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