Assessment of Jeans for Quilting #1

Jeans; whats not to like? They are softer when older, we love them more when they’re older. I  recycle my own jeans when a pair gets a bad stain that I can’t get out or they get a bad tear in a bad spot. Then I cut them into cut off’s. Cut off’s on me were more attractive in my younger years, but still if it works, I start here. If not, maybe the location of the stain is somewhere, say in the crouch area, then I have to recycle the whole pair.

I recycle jeans based on what size they are, what parts of them is usable? Is the zipper intact? Are there things called “Features” on the jeans? Are the jeans a special color, or have special stitching on them? Is the knee area pronounced or still ok?

Once you’ve decided on what parts are the prime pieces to recycle, then I go ahead and cut them up into folded pieces, special feature parts are sorted and stored. If you stay organized as an ardent recycler of clothing as I am into quilting, then its just a matter of time till those jeans dance again.

This soft and toasty quilt is called Sixteen Balls. Made with jeans, new cotton, recycled bark cloth and velour fleece.

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