What you can do with T-shirts and fabric!

 T-shirts can go into a quilt and its all quite simple. Here is an example of what I do with t-shirts, logo from sweatshirts, and other personal items a customer want in this quilt. This location is the Tyhee Provincial Park and Campground.  My client called me about 2 weeks into the project and said… Continue reading What you can do with T-shirts and fabric!

Just a little fishy…

I’m writing today while swatting mosquitoes, the first bloom of summer! Its quite OK, just so that I don’t forget to “not swat them near my quilts!” Good forbid, I would forget in my focused attempt to get the little buggers. Hopefully not! I make custom quilts for a living. So I can’t risk that… Continue reading Just a little fishy…

Vintage Penner Quilt Top Donated to Fire Victim

  This lovely twin size quilt was made in the 1970’s by Katrina Penner of Quick, BC. She was a former member of Quick WI until she passed away a few years ago. Her daughter Louise donated the quilt top to our group so we could quilt it up and donate it to one of… Continue reading Vintage Penner Quilt Top Donated to Fire Victim

Baby Calm-Purple

A baby girl was born recently and the parents want a custom hand made baby quilt. Its such an honour to make custom quilts for folks who value a local product, hand made, original.  Little pieces, colors custom picked from my studio stash. This quilt retails for $325, custom orders are made with the person… Continue reading Baby Calm-Purple

Round Robin Examples of Great Quilts!

Round Robin Quilt Exchanges are so much fun! I’ve done a few and I recommend you participate if you have the time to really put into it. This one started out with one block 12.5 inches square, then the next person put on one border, then the next another border and then you finish it.… Continue reading Round Robin Examples of Great Quilts!