Just a little fishy…

I’m writing today while swatting mosquitoes, the first bloom of summer! Its quite OK, just so that I don’t forget to “not swat them near my quilts!” Good forbid, I would forget in my focused attempt to get the little buggers. Hopefully not!

I make custom quilts for a living. So I can’t risk that kind of messy accident. But when summer mossy’s start buzzing, I start thinking of spring salmon and summer fishing. Here I am, with my rod in its holder I’m doing a bit of hand stitching on dresden plate fans.
These are two spring salmon going home to the freezer.

My husband’s Christmas project of 2009/10. This is a close design to a sockeye salmon, its 26 ft. long and the fins are solid ice from the Bulkley River. It was painted with tempura paint, water soluble and hand painted by my husband.

3 thoughts on “Just a little fishy…

  1. I usually take a book with me when my hubby insists that I go fishing with him. I've never worked on a quilt block by the water. That might send him a different message! Those fish look like they'll be pretty yummy!

  2. Well, its a bit puzzling for some who also fish on the same bar, to see me sitting and stitching. But I've been doing it for so long that its all about organization. I purchased a photographer back pack so its got lot of compartments and away I go.

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