Private Canadian Collection of Antique Quilts from one family

 My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous has a collection of her families antique quilts and I caught a rare viewing for a family gathering. These date back to the mid 1880’s when her Great Grand Parents began farming in New Brunswich, Canada. The hand embroidery of the one above is a Redwork done by… Continue reading Private Canadian Collection of Antique Quilts from one family

Mixing and Mashing Technique

 While I’m designing, I often get lost in the moment. I find this to be a great asset to creation of a new design. Over the summer, I’ve been perfecting this technique. This mixing and mashing kind of construction is freeing in all aspects of designing. Its a technique that leaves you thinking about further… Continue reading Mixing and Mashing Technique

Quilting with Recycled Cloth Tips!

 Sometimes, I’ve had other quilters tell me that they’d never put a T-shirt into a quilt. When I asked “why not?” they replied, “its not like cotton, I tried and it gets all bunched up.” I have taught classes on recycling since the early 1990’s. But fair is fair, its all about knowing how to… Continue reading Quilting with Recycled Cloth Tips!