Private Canadian Collection of Antique Quilts from one family

 My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous has a collection of her families antique quilts and I caught a rare viewing for a family gathering. These date back to the mid 1880’s when her Great Grand Parents began farming in New Brunswich, Canada. The hand embroidery of the one above is a Redwork done by various men and women of the family. I think they are done on 6 inch blocks of white cotton.

 The Wedding Ring quilt is my favorite and is just divine, tiny little hand quilted stitches patiently walk you across the surface like a dream into the past. Beautiful work, patient timeless talent is raw and so welcoming.

 Dresden Plate Fan quilt is so special, I would love to have wrapped myself up in it.
 Hand applique and hand quilted.
The quilt I think she called the “Bells of the Ball” is also hand appliqued and hand quilted.
So lovely, with such minute detail in the hand embroidery is stunning!

2 thoughts on “Private Canadian Collection of Antique Quilts from one family

  1. Aren't you a great friend to get a view of treasures like these family heirlooms. I hope they are taking great care with the quilts. These deserve the best of care so they'll last for a long, long time. My favorite is the lovely double wedding ring, but they are all beautiful.

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