Kaffe Fassett, Daisy Jane and Cloud9 Fabric Cotton Give Away

 I’m in a quandary! I just can’t choose from these backgrounds of organic cotton for the placement of my new Dresden Plate Flowers. As you know I’m all about ‘blending’ old and new, modern and traditional, ugly or bright and now I need help! 
I won’t tell you my favourite, but then again I have other favourites, so help me out?
Please me know what you think? Is your choice the brown pin dot, the brown, the turquoise or the orange cotton?
You could also forward this request to anyone you know who’s a quilter, its more fun with more people participating and giving me the help I need?
For each and every comment that is posted, your entry goes into the random generator for a lovely bundle of 5 Fat Quarters of both certified organic cotton from Daisy Janie and Cloud9 Fabric and Kaffe’s flowery fabric. You can earn a second entry by linking this blog request with your Facebook and/or Twitter and then returning to my blog and placing a second entry by telling me about it.

This contest is between August 16 and Sept 1, 2011. Thanks for your help! It means a lot to me!



21 thoughts on “Kaffe Fassett, Daisy Jane and Cloud9 Fabric Cotton Give Away

  1. I keep looking at the options and I would go for the turquoise ! I think the brown petals on the Dresden get a wee bit lost on the brown backgrounds and I'm not sure about the red. what colour center are you putting on the plate ? That's another quandary! I'm new to your blog and enjoyed it very much.

  2. The turquoise one seems to work better than all the others in my opinion. The red one also works and compliments the colours in the dresden.You could make them half and half 🙂

  3. I linked this post to my Facebook page.I made one of the tablerunner tops that was featured on QuiltersBlogger. I love it! I'm also following you. Your blog is great!Thanks for the chance to win some fabric!Deborah

  4. I'm like it either on the plain brown but the orange is stunning too…so whilst I didn't pick just one, I did narrow it down a bit….hope that still counts? Hugs Naomi

  5. I think the pin dot is too busy. I like the brown, but as someone else pointed out, some of the petals lose definition b/c they are too close in color to the brown. If you are going to do some edge treatment between the petals and the background (like lace or rick rack) then I would go with the brown. If not, I like the teal a lot!

  6. Thanks to all of you who have thought about it and helped me choose. I love to hear your comments and can see by the time we come to the end of this little contest, I'll have lots to mull over, again!Good Luck to all!

  7. Hello – I think I like the brown the best – from the photos the brown looks more grey than brown and it gives it a very modern look. My second choice would be the orange. I have been though Telkwa a few times – most recently on our way to Haida Gwaii in May. Lovely area of B.C. You are lucky to live there – although in May the river was a bit high!

  8. The orange background gives the best contrast, but I prefer the colour aqua personally. With brighter fabrics, I would totally use the brown dots – gotta love dots! And if quilting isn't your strongest skill, the brown dot would hide a lot of wonky. Not much help, I know.I'm visiting your blog from Quilting Gallery. Thanks for your interesting tutorials.

  9. Wow, very interesting perspective on all the comments. I'm so lucky to have such a varied listing of ideas and suggestions. I'm rethinking my choices, but after checking with much of my stock, these still are the best if I can choose one….I LOVE DOTS!

  10. Hi Good Earth Quilting.I prefer the brown background. I feel it brings out the warmth and richness of the other colors. Not to mention you are "good earth". As for you loving dots, who doesn't but I feel the white dots on the black takes your eyes away from beautiful colors.

  11. Such thoughtful and helpful comments. I'm so appreciative of all your different ideas and comments. I will make a decision on Sept 2nd and will block the results of the completion of this quilt.Thanks so much ladies, its awesome to have so many sisters.

  12. Congratulations to The undomesticated scientist who said… brown, in my humble opionion. August 18, 2011 6:06 AM We are thrilled to have so many awesome comments and I'm thinking that brown will be the color I choose to go with now that I've heard from all of you.Thanks so much for participating, we'll be doing all sorts of fun things here in the future. Stay tuned!

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