Two Hour Table Runner Part One

I love a fast and easy way to sew strips and make interesting blocks. This tutorial is a short demonstration of how we can make the process of block building in a modern, fast way.This tutorial will help you step out of the box of traditional thinking about always having everything straight and even and… Continue reading Two Hour Table Runner Part One

Women and Cloth +Recycled Textiles

On this past Sunday, women met at the Multiplex Centre in Moricetown to learn more about how to turn clothing into quilts. I arrived, set up and got busy as the women filed in with their gear!    Charrine worked hard on her new bag, applique, pressing so carefully, measuring, all the things we do… Continue reading Women and Cloth +Recycled Textiles

Turning Clothing Into Quilts

Tomorrow, Sept 25th in Moricetown, a thriving Aboriginal community north of Smithers, I’m teaching a group of quilters and crafters who are interested in learning how to turn recycled sweaters into a  baby quilt.  Show up at the Moricetown Thrift Store behind the Gas Bar in Moricetown at 9:30 Sunday morning so you have time… Continue reading Turning Clothing Into Quilts

Stack and Whack Dresden Plate/Grandmother’s Garden Quilt- The Whole Story!

I eluded to the length of time this quilt took to get done. I also eluded to the full story on its beginning, the technique and why it took so long to get the darn thing done, even to this point! Its still needing the corner triangles and the border, stay tuned! This photo was… Continue reading Stack and Whack Dresden Plate/Grandmother’s Garden Quilt- The Whole Story!

Crazy Creation in Purple

As many of you, who know me personally, know of my love of crazy quilting! This one started as an exercise to see how many little snippets and big chunks of purple I could use in a crazy quilt. I’ve used cotton, silk, upholstry fabric, satin, slippery lingerie fabric mostly from recycled clothing in my… Continue reading Crazy Creation in Purple

Continued BV Fall Fair Booth

We were at first stumbling around trying to figure out what went where. How to design a booth is a very important step. You need to consider that people will want to come and take a look at whatever you sell or make or both. In the photo  below, Nola and I set up the… Continue reading Continued BV Fall Fair Booth