Fall Fair Last Minute Ideas!- Part One

 We started here on Wed Morning August 24th. We had to sweep and vacuum the whole booth. Unloaded and moved around several times as cleaned. We really like the booth we had this year and will secure it for next year. On Tuesday night, I was inspired to make “Mr. Rooster” and determined that the back of the Bulkley Valley Fall Fair Guide Book was just right for me to start.
 I began with free hand drawing the chicken’s head parts on the paper side of fusible interfacing. I had turned it over from the side you iron it on with.
 As I began cutting, the shapes of his comb and wattles took shape. This photo was really a hen, but I went with gusto into a larger, more prociding kind of demeanor, he who rules the kitchen  house wins, kind of thinking to really get into the head becoming transformed onto the background.
This comb and wattles shape on the red fabric “Nature” collection from Cloud 9 Fabrics. He’s coming along nicely.

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