Crazy Creation in Purple

As many of you, who know me personally, know of my love of crazy quilting! This one started as an exercise to see how many little snippets and big chunks of purple I could use in a crazy quilt. I’ve used cotton, silk, upholstry fabric, satin, slippery lingerie fabric mostly from recycled clothing in my own closet.  I went through a purple faze in my life, thank goodness it just one color I love now.
I don’t always start in the middle or the side or have a five sided block start as done by others. I just start with something that grabs my attention, like this African print fabric in the center.
 I had a birthday that year and still working on the hand embroidery over a couple of years this quilt was made. Here, our neighbor Dave Gillespie sends off my birthday candle float on the river and we sing to till the wee hours.
This quilt was sold to Leslie Crane last year.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Creation in Purple

  1. I'd love to follow your blog crafty arab, I'm going to go try again, the first time, I got an error message.The birthday float is a cool way our neighbor lends his special character to our local birthdays!

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