Women and Cloth +Recycled Textiles

On this past Sunday, women met at the Multiplex Centre in Moricetown to learn more about how to turn clothing into quilts. I arrived, set up and got busy as the women filed in with their gear!
 Charrine worked hard on her new bag, applique, pressing so carefully, measuring, all the things we do as designers. Her cape which I forgot to take photo of is gorgeous!
 Betty sizing up her new feasting  bag!

 Lucy, got right into it and began following my instructions so well, she was done by the end of the day. Making a sweater baby quilt in this manner is so fast, its incredible!

Lucy Gagnon, Band Manager was so kind and donated many new fabrics to blend with recycled clothing and donated the lovely conference room for the day. Thanks Lucy!

One man Todd Lace, joined us to learn how to make a custom drum bag. This was a first for any man to show up at any textile recycling workshop. I was real  happy to have Todd along for the day, he’s a keen sewer!
Mabel was busy so much that broken needles and laughter erupted from this wonderful lady! What a treat to meet Lucy’s Mom.

This day of textiles and recycling was sponsored by Kitimat-Stikine Regional District of Northwestern BC to promote improved recycling of all consumer items.


3 thoughts on “Women and Cloth +Recycled Textiles

  1. This sweater quilt pattern is having several versions made up for a variety of sweater types, for the photos and will be available at my organic cotton shop online, http://www.organicquiltcotton.comIts a fun one and you'll never go back to ordinary quilting after this. It breaks all the rules!Thanks for your support! Its really cool to reuse and stay tuned for more information on the first reuse competition I'm organizing.

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