Three Hour Fast Block Magic! Tutorial

1.   Start with 5 fat quarters, one the focusfabric, 2 light colors and 2 dark colors.(Two Hour Table Runner Part One)

2.  Layer the FQ’s face up, 1st lightfabric, 1st dark fabric, focus fabric, 2nd light fabric,2nddark fabric.(Step two photo)

3.  Make only 4 vertical cuts with rotary cutteracross and through all layers of the FQ’s. Make these cuts off on any any thatis workable for sewing together fast, try to vary the width of each cut, thisis where it gets very individual. (Step 3 photo)
4.  Start with the far left stack of slices:
·     Take 1 top slice and move it to the bottom ofthe 1st stack.
·     Moving to the right always, take 2 top slicesand move to the bottom of 2nd stack.
·     Take 3 top slices and move to the bottom of 3rdstack.
·     Take 4 top slices and move to the bottom of 4thstack.
·     5th stack, leave whole.(step 4 photo)
Tip: You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if you can see onefabric slice from each of the 5 FQ’s chosen, these will form the first block.
1.  Next, sew all the slices into blocks piecedtogether, working on only one whole block at a time. This prevents getting theblocks mixed up.(Step 5 photo)
2.  Always stack the pieced blocks in the same orderas they came off your table.
3.  Press seams at the end of completing each block,not during after each seam, its unnecessary.
4.  Once all blocks are pieced and pressed, turn sothat the seams are now horizontal to you.(Step 6 photo)

5.  Cut another 4 cuts with rotary cutter and ruleracross the pieced blocks.
6.  Repeat the shuffling as done before to thestacks of pieced strips.

7.  Sew all the strips together once more and finishwith trimming to a 16 in. square. (Step 7 photo)
8.  If you can’t fit the 16th inchsquare, don’t worry about it, just make them squared up and matching insize to use for other projects.

Have fun, please email me a photo of something you’ve done with this technique.


Have Fun and stay safe as the winter is drawing closer here in northern Canada!


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