15 quilts in a Day

I achieved a measure of performance this past summer that my business counselor would be proud of. I was organized, ready to learn more and then realised I didn’t have any proper signage for the booth.
It was two days before the fall fair event.We were really pushed for time with opening dates for the fair, just around the corner. We had everything organized when I realised my business sign was still unresolved. This is how I came to be in this pickle.
I had asked a local wood signmaker to make me a wood sign for my business. She agreed and I carried on with custom quilt making and organic cotton retailing. This was way back in July and when I went by her house in early August, she had  been away, had forgotten all about making the sign and was going away again! I swallowed hard, thanked, told her it was my fault that I hadn’t followed up on her earlier. I’m glad now that it happened. Otherwise I’d not have made 15 quilts in one day.
 I decided on Dr. Suess theme organic cotton, fine quality and absolutely almost like sateen cotton. I picked the selection above. What do you think?

I just had to save the printed copyright!

 I cut the fifteen 8 1/2 in by 6 in. warm and white batting.
 Then the 30 same sized chunks of the Dr. Suess organic cotton from The Lorax childhood books.
Yes, its true, I made fifteen little quilts that spelled my business name. I shamelessly admit to this blatant ‘tooting of my own horn’ and say, Yeh! I made it to the fall fair, had an awesome time, I arrived organized with my new sign!
Handmade in Canada!

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