QWI Quilt Workshop Oct 15th

You’ll never know what happens with this fast block technique and that was evident at this workshop! It was so much fun.

These are the colors that I picked out from my stash and one of my students didn’t have the right amount of Fat Quarters. So it worked our perfectly!

See the variations achieved in one class. What fun it is and so versatile. I love to see photos from anyone anywhere that has tried my technique. email me, please, see my profile for email details.
 This my technique “Slicing and Dicing” found on Quilting Gallery 

This fast and easy block is something that once anyone has learned it can be transferred to hundreds of different variations and would make an awesome WI Fun Raiser for any  branch!

If you’d like to have a professional quilter come and teach a class for your branch, please leave a comment on this blog or “follow” this blog to learn more about my classes.

Denise (below) was very careful as she learned about 1/4 inch quilting seams, pinning and she’s well on her way to her first quilt. Yeh! Denise!

 Focused loads of fun!
Kate loved this and was finished her blocks first!

This one day workshop sponsored by the Quick Women’s Institute, a branch of BC Women’s Institute, this fast growing women’s group had a bunch of fun. Some of the participants got very  busy and completed their first quilt in a few weeks. Such as this one by member Nola Weston. See (below) her decision making process on the fabric wall during the workshop.

 Laurie our President, had a lavender suggestion for sashing between the blocks. 

This is what Nola’s finished quilt looked like, well done Nola!

Nola decided on teal colored sashing, what a great choice, this lovely quilt is snuggled under after Nola work day at PRT Tree Nursery in Telkwa. Nola chose the cow fabric for the backing and back to teal colored cotton for the binding.

Yeh, Nola!


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