Stash n’ Organic Vintage Quilt

I am digging into my stash and finding sultry vintage fabrics, solid colors and soft pretty petal styles of fabric to go with this collection. I have an awesome new pattern on the drawing sheet! This is what got me excited; imagine these fabrics together in one quilt?
 These lovely fat quarters are what I’ve been waiting for to arrive. Its a great little bundle from Miscellany.

I’ve got some ideas, like maybe pinwheels or applique something? I work with the pattern in my head & on paper until I’m ready to proceed! What do these selections make you think?

But then I think piecing might be just the cat’s meow for these and the vintage fabrics I’m picking out.

Its the start of a brand new idea and you never know for sure until you are well into it as to whether you’ve got something special. I use snippets of the prints and copy them into my pattern. See if I like it, see if it does it for me, then I send it out to my girl friends for further comment and then eventually it goes forward.
I haven’t decided on the fabric so until next time stay tuned as this develops.
Have a spooky weekend!


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