Corduroy Quilts

I first started playing around with sewing with corduroy in the late 1970’s. I did most of my sewing by hand because my transient lifestyle didn’t allow me to pack my sewing machine. So to start with, its much easier for me to work with corduroy if I sew it by hand, its amazing what you can do with an ordinary needle and thread.

I made several hats, no pictures of them and sold a few to freinds. Then I made a skirt which was well admired by my hippie friends and then came the first corduroy quilt. I don’t have any pictures of that either  but it made me start using more corduroy in general. All the corduroy I had been using at that time was completely all reclaimed from clothing.
This quilt above is the one I made for a book I was writing in the early 2000’s and its combined with denim, the biege, blue colors are denim with the butterflies cotton reclaimed from clothing. The backing of this really toasty quilt is an emergency blanket from one of those car kits. So its only two layers, but really warm, it lives in my car. I’ve used it lots and its great to take on picnics, drives, perfect for camp fires.

 Thanks for dropping by and visiting my corduroy quilt.


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