Jeans Christmas Pot Holders

Jeans are a nice clothing item to begin reusing and this is one sure fire way that is a great little gift item.
My favorite reuse project is pot holders made from jeans.
Here’s how you get started!
1. Cut various good sized pieces from the legs of jeans or other denim clothing.
2. Then pair them up and resize so they are the same. 
3. Cut two reused or new cotton pieces the same size as your jean pieces.
4. Assemble Process: denim square good side out, down on the table
over top, place one cotton square good side down, place one cotton square good side up, then the last denim square good side up.
5. Pin well, sew diagonal seams right over top the  four layers of cloth, leving about 1/2 inch apart.

Then before finishing the edges, take scissors and cut alternately a slice through the first layer of denim. They are quite simple, but have a real nice, proper  binding edge with a loop for hanging.
Enjoy! Send me a link if you make some!

3 thoughts on “Jeans Christmas Pot Holders

  1. Thanks for your comments ladies, please check out the tutorial I posted today.What I have used for years and have several in my kitchen is 4 layers of fabric, no batting. It doesn't seem to need it.Just two outside layers of denim and two inner of upholstery, heavier cotton, not as heavy as denim though.

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