My UFO Challenge 2012

Come on now, lets pull out the box or the bin with those quilt tops resting and waiting for completion? I tried in 2011 to complete 11 UFO’s and I did manage to get quite a five done.
  I needed to be reminded of what I actually did complete this past year!

I needed a little extra encouragement to go forth and tackle the ones in waiting. So far, the angel quilt and the blue jean circle quilt and the bastardized Mosaic Tiles quilt are the only ones that are finished.

I was inspired by and her challenge of committing to complete UFO’s.

I did get the machine quilting done on the green log cabin round robin quilt and machine quilted on the colorful log cabin/drunkard’s path quilt. They need only the binding, so if I get cracking, I can have two more in 2011.
But I have several on the go and not complete.
Here is my 2012 UFO List to complete:
1. Merry Modern Christmas (below) is a table runner that will have additional applique to it and then completed.
2. Primitive Dresden Plate quilt, still in the block stage, lots of work here to get this one to completion.
 3. Seriously Crazy Quilt, still in the block stage, settings etc  needed here.
 4. Orange Thingy Quilt is coming along, its possible with focused effort.
 5. Hexagon quilt is still in progress, blocks, setting the whole nine yards.

 6. Halloween quilt is still in progress.

 7. Crazy Modern Quilt below is progressing along nicely since this photograph was taken. Lots of work here to do this one.

 8. Maple Leaf Quilt is in progress, still lots of work here too!

 9. Checkerboard quilt.
 10. Star table runner, shouldn’t take too much energy, but still not complete.

 11. Pink and Purple quilt.

This is lots for me to finish this year, what are you working on completing this year?
Happy quilting!


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