Reclaimed Pottery Pincushions

When I walk by a thrift store or see a garage sale sign on the side of the road, I have to stop! I pick up all sorts of discard pottery and make new things with it. Yep, that’s it, no real plan of it, just to reuse a reclaimed item into a new life.… Continue reading Reclaimed Pottery Pincushions

Crazy Creation in Purple

As many of you, who know me personally, know of my love of crazy quilting! This one started as an exercise to see how many little snippets and big chunks of purple I could use in a crazy quilt. I’ve used cotton, silk, upholstry fabric, satin, slippery lingerie fabric mostly from recycled clothing in my… Continue reading Crazy Creation in Purple

What you can do with T-shirts and fabric!

 T-shirts can go into a quilt and its all quite simple. Here is an example of what I do with t-shirts, logo from sweatshirts, and other personal items a customer want in this quilt. This location is the Tyhee Provincial Park and Campground.  My client called me about 2 weeks into the project and said… Continue reading What you can do with T-shirts and fabric!

Recycled Wool Fabric for Primitive Rug Hooking

I’m an experienced quilter and sewer, but  this is my first try with rug hooking. So I started checking around the globe about who was rug hooking and found many interesting sites of new fabric sellers, but no mention to recycling. Sometime ago, I found an article in an old magazine about rug hookers in… Continue reading Recycled Wool Fabric for Primitive Rug Hooking