Reclaimed Pottery Pincushions

When I walk by a thrift store or see a garage sale sign on the side of the road, I have to stop! I pick up all sorts of discard pottery and make new things with it. Yep, that’s it, no real plan of it, just to reuse a reclaimed item into a new life.… Continue reading Reclaimed Pottery Pincushions

Two Hour Table Runner Part One

I love a fast and easy way to sew strips and make interesting blocks. This tutorial is a short demonstration of how we can make the process of block building in a modern, fast way.This tutorial will help you step out of the box of traditional thinking about always having everything straight and even and… Continue reading Two Hour Table Runner Part One

Women and Cloth +Recycled Textiles

On this past Sunday, women met at the Multiplex Centre in Moricetown to learn more about how to turn clothing into quilts. I arrived, set up and got busy as the women filed in with their gear!    Charrine worked hard on her new bag, applique, pressing so carefully, measuring, all the things we do… Continue reading Women and Cloth +Recycled Textiles

Fall Fair Last Minute Ideas!- Part One

 We started here on Wed Morning August 24th. We had to sweep and vacuum the whole booth. Unloaded and moved around several times as cleaned. We really like the booth we had this year and will secure it for next year. On Tuesday night, I was inspired to make “Mr. Rooster” and determined that the… Continue reading Fall Fair Last Minute Ideas!- Part One

More Ways to Make Fun, Fast Quilts

 A while back, I posted about this technique that I’d discovered right around the time I became aware of Kathryn Schmidt who wrote “Rule Breaking Quilts” I had taken to seeing what was possible. I’d been experimenting with cutting strips first, then slicing those up into various sizes and shapes. This table runner is made… Continue reading More Ways to Make Fun, Fast Quilts